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The brand new classic ART3 MK4 speakers


The new ART3 MK4 speakers boost the performance with a new series of transducers and improves the quality with the revolutionary FiRPHASE processing. The ART3 MK4 series evolve the concept born decades ago of the first RCF two-way loudspeaker in a composite cabinet. They still are the perfect choice for live sound reinforcement and stage monitoring as well as distributed sound systems for clubs, music venues and corporate events

Class-D power amplifier’s technology packs huge performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilises the amplifier during transportation but helps the fan-less heat dissipation. The integrated DSP manages full loudspeaker processing, FiRPHASE filters, crossover and EQ, soft limiter, and dynamic bass boost.

The woofer delivers a fast and accurate reproduction of the mid-bass frequency range and controlled deep bass while the compression driver offers a very open and natural midrange sound and extreme precision in high frequencies reproduction.

The sturdy, ergonomic cabinet is easy to carry, thanks to either the handle at the top or the practical handles on both sides. The base of each speaker includes a steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or on a subwoofer pole. Stability and safety are assured. Thanks to the rear profile of the cabinet, the ART 3 Series speakers can easily be used as stage monitors whatever the needs of musicians. Internal reinforcement prevents any deformation of the cabinet.

RCF speakers are designed by using FiRPHASE, a proprietary and advanced FIR filtering technology, conceived for delivering transparent sound, absolute clarity and a perfect stereo image to the listener.

ART 3 speakers are ideal for the musician or sound provider. Their plug ‘n’ go design is simple yet powerful: double input (XLR or Jack TRS), one volume knob. Cabinets are moulded on a special polypropylene composite material designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. From moulding to the final texture, ART3 offers maximum reliability and strength for intensive use. The ART 315-A and 312-A are equipped with a top handle and two side handles, while the 310-A features the top handle alone for greater portability.