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Vio and the 68th Edition of the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo, Italy


VIO made its debut at the record-breaking 68th Edition of the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo, Italy.


It’s been the most successful edition in nearly 20 years: millions of viewers in front of their TV sets, 95 international correspondents from China, USA, Canada and most European countries, more than a thousand Italian journalists, an enthusiastic audience in the theater and a unanimous favourable reception from both the public and critics for the 68th Italian Song Festival, held at Teatro Ariston in Sanremo on February 6-10th.

It was in this international setting that a dBTechnologies VIO system recently bought by the Italian national public broadcasting company RAI made its debut as main PA at the Teatro Ariston, which had been transformed for the occasion into a TV studio.

In detail, the system was composed of a total of 16 VIO L210 line array modules at the sides of the stage and 8 VIO S118 subwoofers (3 + 3 in cardioid configuration at the sides of the stage plus other two cabinets positioned along the front of the stage). Furthermore, 6 VIO L210 modules (three per side) were used as mid-house delay system in the theatre.

The VIO family received unanimous praise, proving to be the perfect solution for an excellent rendering of orchestra, singing and speech throughout the theatre.

"There was a positive result right from the first day of rehearsals. Professionals, musicians and sound engineers immediately appreciated the sound in the venue,"
says RAI’s Simone Bocchino, FOH engineer in charge of the production.

"With VIO we had a fine setup, with clear high frequencies and controlled bass, perfect for broadcasting. The precise linear phase response of the system was particularly appreciated, as it contributed to excellent definition of high frequencies and to the intelligibility of both speech and vocals.”

As for the range of low frequencies, the compact dimensions of the VIO S118 subwoofers allowed the creation of two arrays of three subs each in cardioid configuration with inverted stack gradient, positioned at the sides of the stage,

"A choice that offered a great advantage on stage,” comments Bocchino, "as it avoided disturbances to the orchestra and main artists on stage. Fundamentally, the constant control of the DSP of the whole system via RDNet protocol allowed us to make slight environmental corrections and to get a real-time report on the individual elements of the system."

All of this amounted to great success for dBTechnologies VIO series at the testing ground of live television broadcasting with an important and delicate appointment such as Sanremo. This success was confirmed by the production's decision to keep the same PA setup for Sanremo Young, which was also broadcasted on prime-time live by RAI for five weeks in a row.
The talent show featured 12 young singers, all born after the year 2000, who competed week after week accompanied by the Sanremo Young Orchestra, entirely composed of musicians between the ages of 18 and 25.

The VIO system remained the star of the show: RAI sound engineers maintained the same setup: VIO L210 plus VIO S118 active subwoofers.
This time, since the intentionally simple stage set left some technical elements visible, two more subs and two VIO L210 front fill modules were stacked along the stage front, directed towards the audience and jury sitting in the stands specially built for the show.

I think that RAI will use VIO for many other live show productions,” states Simone Bocchino. “It’s just the perfect sound reinforcement system for this kind of production: light, easy to set up and fly, quick to dismantle and store in trucks. I think VIO will also be key in many outdoor productions next summer."