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BBM 3 is the most compact 2-way speaker in ANT family. A pretty easy solution for small portable applications, BBM 3 also acts as unobtrusive installation; the cabinet can be easily fixed on wall thanks to custom accessories BBM WB3U (U bracket). Alternatively, the kit BBM-358 Y allows to fix the cabinet on walls or ceiling and modify orientation and tilt.

The BBM SA-30 kit is also available specifically for tripod mounting in small portable applications.

The speaker is equipped with 2 INPUT channels with separate level management: CH 1 mic/line (selectable with switch button) with jack connection and CH 2 with minijack connection. The OUT channel (jack) allows link to another BB; speaker.

BBM’s great versatility is completed by a clear, undistorted sound performance even at high sound pressure levels (up to 103 dB): the CLIP led indicates when the signal get distorted. In that case you only need to turn down levels of active IN channels.

  • Two-way active speaker
  • Max 103 dB SPL
  • Ready for fixed installation (accessories not included)
  • 2 INPUT CHANNELS (mic/line and line)
  • Independent level management
  • 1 OUT channel
  • Anti-distortion CLIP led

    • System type Vented enclosure, 2-way
    • LF 3.5″ custom speaker – 1″ V.C.
    • HF 0.8″ neodynium dome tweeter
    • Amplification Type (LF+HF) Class D + Class A/B
    • Peak Power (LF+HF) 80W
    • Frequency response (-10dB) 140Hz-20kHz
    • SPL – MAX 103 dB
    • I/O connectors CH1 MIC/LINE: 6,35 mm (1/4″) jack
      CH2 IN: 3,5 mm . mini-jack
      LINE OUT: 6,35 mm (1/4″) jack
    • Controls CH1 LEVEL, LINE/MIC switch, CH2 LEVEL.
    • Power supply 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
    • Fuse T800mA L 250 V
    • Power Consumption 40W
    • Suspension system 2 M6 – top/under for U bracket mouth
      4 M5 – rear for Y and SA brackets
    • Materials Injection-Molded ABS cabinet
      Perforated Steel Grille
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 5.29″(134.3mm) x 8.68″(220.4mm) x5.37″(136.4mm)
    • Weight 2.1 Kg 4.63 lbs
    • Brackets kit for wall mounting BBM-WB3U
    • Brackets rotation and tilting kit for wall/ceiling mounting BBM-358Y
    • Tripod mount kit BBM-SA30



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