If you love music, and if you’re a musician yourself, then you know how much work goes into it. And not just in the studio – from practice to composition, from choosing the right equipment to recording an album. But what are those things that make music possible? among the components that go into making music possible you will find the transducers. They are used in music to create bass effects, or to create the timbre of the sound, by means of a microphone. They may be designed with analog or digital technology and play a significant role in the overall quality of music.

Transducers have a significant role in music. They are used to create resonance, to help with matching instruments and improving the sound quality as well. They may be designed by electric or acoustic means and play a big role in the overall success of each production’s sound. They let musicians cut through their instrument’s loudness and are designed to boost the buildup of low-frequency sounds that can be heard at a great distance in comparison with those directly picked up by microphone. The transducers, though it has the same name as loudspeaker, is really not just something that you want next door while listening your favorite music! It  is used today in many fields across electronics where it is given the purpose to boost a certain element of sound (electrical signal), especially in recording.

What are transducers used for?

Transducers are electronic devices that are usually intended to transform energy signals from one form to another; transduction is the conversion process(common examples are microphones and loudspeakers). There are different types of transducers and different ways to apply them. Depending on the application, we can categorize them into two main categories: active and passive. Active transducers include actuators, motors, pneumatic devices, and sensors. Passive transducers include capacitors, inductors, resonators, transformers and other magnetic components, they also varies the voltage of the electrical output. Moreover we can find input transducers, which convert a form of energy into an electric signal, and output transducers, that take electricity converting it into another form of energy (output signal – total power input and the output power make the difference), besides temperature transducers, pressure transducers, displacement transducers, and flow transducers.

Transducers 600, 800, 3000, 3.400.. up to 5000 watts!

The transducers watts is the quantity of power used by a transducer, it represents the total power consumed by the amplifier and its components. Watts are units of measurement used in electricity and clock speed which describe the rate at which work is done when turning electric current into heat (in watts). Transducers in the market are different also depending on the power (watts): in our AllMusic Store you can find all types of transducers, from 600 to 5000 watts, depending on your needs, obviously the transducer efficiency is higher if you buy it The main brand selling these devices is B&C speakers, but you can find other brands such as ANT, DbTechnologies and many others.

Audio transducers

Transducers are a new kind of microphone designed to work in the presence of background noise, while still providing clear sound. They are made with several layers, which create a vacuum chamber where sound is trapped. These devices can be used to record audio in noisy environments like stadiums or even hospitals.

The sound is made up of mechanical vibrations produced by audio transducers, necessary to generate the audio waves and for sound to be heard, it must be transmitted through the air. Both input sensors and output actuators transform the electrical signals back into sound.

Audio transducers are devices that are used in audio systems to convert the sound from an acoustic source (such as a microphone or loudspeaker) into an electrical signal that can be processed by a digital signal processor (DSP). This can be used to amplify the signal and produce sound waves, which can then be used to create music or other audio signals.

Types of audio transducers

There are two types of audio transducers, which are Electret and Dynamic. Electret is a common type of audio transducer, which converts the electrical signal into sound waves, which can be used in headphones and microphones. It works by converting the electrical signal to a magnetic field, which is then converted into an electrical signal. The electromagnetic field created by the electret transducer is converted into an electric current, which is then converted into sound waves. Whereas the dynamic audio transducers can be used to amplify sound and are used in various applications, including music and sound amplification. 

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